BCAA FAQS (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

What are BCAAs?
BCAAs also known as Branched-chain amino acids are amino acids taken as supplements for health, fitness, and bodybuilding. BCAA’s are composed of the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. They also help with muscle fatigue and endurance. BCAAs are composed of three essential amino acids commonly known to assist with muscle growth, muscle recovery, soreness and speed up repair. BCAAs are naturally occurring and found in the body and in food. Athletes, bodybuilders and every day people often take BCAAs as a supplement to help with building lean muscle mass.
What do BCAAs do?
BCAA’s are amino acids that build, repair and recover muscle fibers. They help with building lean muscle, improving muscle endurance, and reducing soreness and recovery.
Do BCAAs work?
According to NCBI Medical publishing the following benefits were found:
  • People who took 5.6 grams of BCAAs after working out had a 22% increase in protein synthesis compared to those who consumed a placebo.
  • Consuming 15 grams of BCAAs on average may lower risk of gaining weight by 30% than those consuming only 12 grams per day
  • BCAA supplements may be effective increasing lean muscle mass, even more so if they contain a higher value of leucine than isoleucine and valine
How do I take BCAAs?
BCAAs are best taken during exercise or after exercise. Supplements Direct recommends you to follow the directions outlined on the product as each may differ as far as how much water to add, how often to take, ect.
Where can I buy BCAAs in Canada?
Supplements Direct offers BCAAs and Amino Acids with fast free shipping in anywhere Canada, coast to coast from Vancouver, Toronto and beyond. To view the available products visit https://supplementsdirect.ca/product-category/muscle-building/bcaas/
Are Amino Acids and BCAA's safe?
BCAA supplements are generally safe and do not have side effects for almost all people. Those suffering from ALS / Lou Gehrig’s disease are not recommended to consume BCAA supplements. If you have a medical condition we recommend speaking with your doctor about taking supplements.
Can I take BCAAs with other supplements like pre-workout or fat burners?
Yes, you can take BCAAs with other supplements such as pre workout or fat burners, there will be no side effects. Pre Workouts are best to consume before your training while BCAA’s are recommended to take during or after exercise.