North Coast Naturals – Raw Hemp Seed Hearts (454g)

North Coast Naturals – Raw Hemp Seed Hearts (454g)

White and green pouch of North Coast Naturals All Canadian Raw Hemp Seed Hearts contains 454 g

North Coast Naturals – Raw Hemp Seed Hearts (454g)

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$21.99 $19.99

  • 10g of complete protein
  • 10g of EFAs (essential omega-3 & 6 fats)
  • 2g of fibre, sodium free
  • Vegan, undernatured, non-GMO
  • Grown in Canada



Each serving of All-Canadian Raw Hemp Seed Hearts provides 10 g of protein, 10 g of essential fats (EFAs), 2 g of fibre and an impressive 70% DV (daily value) for magnesium (290 mg). Hemp seed hearts are the heart of the seed; they are naturally gluten-free and easily digested, and have a delicious, nutty flavour. Super-convenient nutrition, right out of the bag. Raw Hemp Seed Hearts provide a whole-food plant-based option for those looking for highly digestible, low-allergenic nutrition. Low in saturated fat, they can be part of a heart-healthy diet. They make a convenient and tasty snack on their own or they can be added to cereals, smoothies, salads, yogurt, etc. to boost your protein and EFA intake simply and conveniently.



Canadian, 100% raw, shelled hemp seeds.

Proudly packaged in our GMP facility that also carefully handles ingredients from milk, soy, wheat. Formulated without animal products, yeast, gluten, sulfites, artificial preservatives, or synthetic colours, flavours or sweeteners. (GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices)


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