North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse (1kg)


North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse (1kg)

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  • The RIGHT AMOUNT of fibre
  • The RIGHT KINDS of fibre
  • Helps eliminate food waste DAILY, PROPERLY, GENTLY
  • And fortified WITH PREBIOTICS & PROBIOTICS for an even healthier digestive system
  • Soy free, dairy free, wheat gluten free
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Ultimate Daily Cleanse™ is all-natural. It’s the most complete fibre formula that also provides healthy probiotics, the good bacteria for good digestive health. Featuring 5 whole food fibres and probiotics, Ultimate Daily Cleanse is perfect for cleansing or dieting!

Mix with hot cereal, cold cereal or yogurt; mix with your smoothie or protein shake; or simply swirl it around in your morning juice and enjoy.

Features & Benefits

  • The RIGHT AMOUNT of fibre
  • The RIGHT KINDS of fibre
  • Helps eliminate food waste DAILY, PROPERLY, GENTLY
  • And fortified WITH PREBIOTICS & PROBIOTICS for an even healthier digestive system
  • Soy free, dairy free, wheat gluten free

What KIND of Fibre Do You Need?

  • Whole food sources provide both soluble and insoluble fibre – you need both
  • A 3rd fibre called prebiotic fibre (from inulin) feeds the good bacteria in your gut

Your Daily Fibre Must Also Support Your Colon Health Too

Ultimate Daily Cleanse also supplies ESSENTIAL omega-3 fatty acids. EFAs keep the lining of your colon lubricated, so that all your fibre and food waste, can pass through your colon gently everyday, which keeps your colon cleaner and healthier.

One Serving of Ultimate Daily Cleanse Provides

  • 14 grams of fibre (64% of your daily requirement)
  • From 5 superior whole food fibres
  • EFAs (essential fatty acids)
  • Added probiotics for improved digestive tract & gut health

Works Fast, Usually Within 24 Hours

And can prevent constipation problems from recurring with continued daily use. You NEED whole food fibre everyday any ways; Ultimate Daily Cleanse is nature’s perfect whole food answer.

Six All Natural Ingredients

  • Ground 100% Canadian prairie flax seed (soluble & insoluble fibre & EFAs)
  • Ground psyllium seed husk (soluble & insoluble fibre)
  • Inulin fibre from chicory root (prebiotic fibre)
  • Ground organic sprouted chia seed (superior nutrients, fibre and EFAs)
  • Ground organic sprouted brown rice bran powder (soluble & insoluble fibre)
  • Probiotics (1 billion good bacteria cells from non-dairy lactobacillus fermentum; provides the same healthy probiotic goodness associated with yogurt, without the taste or the dairy)


    1. How do I use Ultimate Daily Cleanse?

      Add 1 serving (30 g) to your cereal, hot cereal, smoothie or yogurt (or however you like) — and just use one serving per day. We also suggest you make sure to drink the normal 6-8 glasses of water as recommended by most nutritionists and health professionals — this helps ensure waste moves along and gets eliminated.


    1. How fast does this work?

      Most people experience proven results within the first 1-3 days.


    1. How many servings are there per bag?

      33 servings per bag. Most of the time there is no need to take more than 1 serving per day.


    1. Is this product for dieting, or just for helping me have regular bowel movements?

      This formula is a great source of 3 types of fibre from 6 ingredients (5 provide the fibre, 1 is a probitioc) — so whatever benefits you are wanting from normal fibre, Ultimate Daily Cleanse is a better choice, while also supplying your intestinal tract with a daily replenishment dose of healthy probiotics.


    1. How good is this product for dieting?

      Because of the array of different fibres in this formula most dieters have found Ultimate Daily Cleanse to provide better results and curb hunger better and longer than traditional drug store fibre powders.


    1. What exactly are probiotics and prebiotics?

      Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that help maintain normal health in your gut and intestinal tract; probiotics are best known as the healthy bacteria that yogurt delivers to us. The 1 billion probiotics in our formula are dairy free.Prebiotics are a specific type of fibre that probiotics selectively like to feed off of. As you ingest probiotics, it is wise to ensure you also ingest prebiotics (aka prebiotic fibre) to help feed the beneficial probiotics so they thrive in your body. Probiotics also battle against unhealthy bacteria; it is wise to get a daily dose of probiotics and prebiotics — Ultimate Daily Cleanse delivers that as an added benefit.


  • Is Ultimate Daily Cleanse gentle?

    Ultimate Daily Cleanse is very gentle; it is not a “rough” fibre. It is a blend of fibres, two of which are ground flax and chia that also supply healthy EFAs (essential fatty acids) which help “lubricate” your intestinal tract, so that bowel movements are found to be more comfortable. Ultimate Daily Cleanse does not cause pain during bowel movements; in fact if you currently have pain normally, this formula will very likely help make movements easier and less painful.


  • How many bowel movements should I be having?

    Don’t be mislead by marketers who try to scare you into thinking you MUST have 2-3 healthy bowel movements per day to have normal health. Some people go that often, and some others go less often — but whatever is regular for you, so long as you’re not “backed up” or have “hard stools” is the right number of movements for your body. A general rule of thumb is that at least one good movement per day is fairly normal — check with your doctor if you’re going only once every 3 days.


  • Does this powder need to be refrigerated?

    After opening, it is always best to refrigerate any whole food based powder to maintain good shelf life; this product also contains flax and chia which should be refrigerated always after opening — they contain natural EFAs (essential fatty acids) which, don’t forget, is oil — and oils can go rancid if left open. Always refrigerate after opening — and best to keep in a dry cool place before opening.


  • Are the probiotics shelf stable?

    Yes — we carefully select our specific strain of probiotics from an exclusive shelf stable source; we also add 50% MORE probiotics at the time we blend the ingredients, to ensure that even if the product is stored incorrectly, the label claim of 1 billion probiotics will always be met before expiry date. (We blend in 1.5 billion live cells at the time of blending).


  • What kinds of fibre are in the product?

    Delivers all 3 types of beneficial fibre; soluble, insoluble and prebiotic. You need all 3. No single fibre ingredient delivers all 3 — that is why traditional drug store fibre mixes that contain only inulin by itself, or only psyllium alone, are not the best choice — taken alone they are incomplete sources of fibre. Ultimate Daily Cleanse contains 5 fibre ingredients — when combined they deliver a healthy array of all 3 fibre types making this formula the most complete fibre ever available.


  • Is there anything artificial in this product?

    No — this is just 6 whole food ingredients and nothing else — no preservatives, no chemicals, nothing artificial at all.


  • Can children take Ultimate Daily Cleanse?

    Yes — Ultimate Daily Cleanse only contains whole food products. (Ultimate Daily Cleanse does not contain herbs or drug-like ingredients which children should avoid — see the next question for more information).


  • Does Ultimate Daily Cleanse contain any herbs or other medicinal herbal ingredients that may interfere with any medications I may be taking?

    Ultimate Daily Cleanse proudly does not use any additives or drug-like medicinal herbs. Ultimate Daily Cleanse was formulated to be the safest fibre product ever to be used. It does not require a prescription and can be used by people of all ages.




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