Savage Line Labs MYO-TKO (60 Serv)

Savage Line Labs MYO-TKO (60 Serv)

Bottle of Savage Line Labs sarms based pre workout with DMMA MYO-TKO total knock out blue raspberry 60 servings

Savage Line Labs MYO-TKO (60 Serv)

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$79.99 $69.99

  1. Ultra intense muscle strength

  2. Extreme energy, endurance and power

  3. More Energy Than Ever Before

  4. No Crash and No Jitters

  5. Intense Pumps & Vascularity

  6. Build Lean Muscle

  7. Incredible Focus



MYO-TKO by Savage Line Labs is the Worlds First SARMs based pre workout! It promises and delivers powerful energy increases (due to the DMAA), greater muscle gains and improved performance in the gym and on the sports field. The ingredients list is very impressive, it contains Beta-Alanine to increase exercise capacity and banish fatigue. It also contains Ostarine, L-Citrulline, and of course DMAA just to name a few. Expect a great pump and a lot of energy.

Benefits & Effects

-More Energy Than Ever Before
-No Crash and No Jitters
-Intense Pumps & Vascularity
-Build Lean Muscle
-Incredible Focus
Unlike other pre-workout supplements on the market that just load their products with heavy doses of caffeine, this goes beyond just caffeine. With those products, expect a crash and jitters the entire time…not with MYO-TKO.
Savage Line Labs MYO-TKO uses cutting edge ingredients. All ingredients that have shown to increase energy, endurance and lean muscle mass. Why take a pre-workout that only gives you a boost of energy and a crash? Take a pre-workout that gives you clean intense energy and actually helps you build muscle at the same time!


Savage Line Labs

Savage Line Labs

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