Tru Niagen – NAD 300mg (30 caps)

Tru Niagen – NAD 300mg (30 caps)

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Tru Niagen – NAD 300mg (30 caps)

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$66.99 $54.99

  • Each capsule contains 300 mg of Niagen™ (nicotinamide riboside chloride) providing 263 mg of nicotinamide riboside (NR)
  • Take one to three capsule once daily with or without food
  • No animal byproducts, no artificial colors or flavors


Tru Niagen NAD 300mg

We use NAD every day for basic functions like eating, breathing, sleeping, and drinking. But our NAD levels decline as we age. Tru Niagen increases NAD levels to support your cellular health, every time you take it.

  • ELEVATE YOUR BODY’S NAD: NAD is a vital cellular resource which helps fuel many of the body’s essential functions. But our NAD levels decline over time and under metabolic stress, leaving our cells with a dwindling supply. Tru Niagen replenishes your body’s NAD, every time you take it.*
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Promoting cellular health can have many positive effects on your daily routine. Our customers report everything from sustained energy throughout the day to overall improvements in general well-being. Each experience is different because each person is different. Ultimately, what you feel and how long it takes will depend on what your cells need. Clinically proven to elevate NAD levels by approximately 40-50% after 8 weeks.**
  • AN EASY DAILY ROUTINE: Our lightweight capsules are a simple addition to your health routine. Take 2 capsules, every day at the same time with a glass of water.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Tru Niagen increases your NAD levels and is backed by multiple published clinical trials, with more than one dozen registered human studies ongoing. There is even growing evidence to support it is better than Nicotinamide / Niacinamide and Niacin.
  • SAFE TO USE: Tru Niagen has no known negative side effects. Unlike NMN, our key ingredient NIAGEN was successfully notified two times as an NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) and reviewed as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) under the United States FDA’s notification programs. Tru Niagen is manufactured in the United States under GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) as set out by Health Canada.

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