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FAQs for Almond Butter & Spreads

What is almond butter?
Almond butter is a paste made from almonds that have been grinded down into a smooth nut butter. Almond Butter can be smooth or crunchy/chunky depending on the brand. Almond butter is a healthy alternative to peanut butter and is also available in a High protein form.
How long does almond butter last?
Almond butter can last from 4 months two years when unopened depending on the brand and stability. Home made butter often does not last as long, almond butters bought at grocery stores and supplement stores ofen last longer. Almond butter opened generally lasts 3-5 months, and unopened 6-9 months. We recommend checking with the manufacture as it will vary
How many calories in almond butter?
Almond butter generally has around 50-70 calories per tablespoon
How much protein is in almond butter?
Most almond butter has 4-8 grams of protein per serving
Where to buy almond butter?
Almond butter and healthy high protein nut butter spreads can be purchased online from Supplements Direct, there is a category specifically for these products Here is the link: