The highly popular and trending Keto diet (short for ketogenic) refers to low carb / high fat nutritional intake. It has became the most popular weight loss diet due to its effectiveness for weight loss and energy.

This diet puts your body in a state of ketosis resulting in burned fat rather than sugar for energy. Supplements Direct offers products that align and assist with the diet, with fast free shipping anywhere in Canada.

What supplements should I take while I am on a Keto Diet?


MCT oil is a high quality fat and one of the best ways to put your body even deeper into ketosis state. MCTs easily converts into ketogenic energy for your cells allowing you to maintain ketogenic levels to stay in a fat-burning state.

Most dairy and milk products do not suit the diet, yet calcium is important for cardiovascular health, and hormone management

Most foods high in magnesium do not fall in line with the diet making it difficult to consume, magnesium is critical for making protein, bone and DNA while regulating blood sugar levels.

Which typically comes from carbohydrate grains will be will not fit the diet. Supplementing is a good idea to ensure the the GI tract can function properly to avoid constipation

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