Vitamins and Nutrition

Vitamins and nutrition is a part of the diet that should never be overlooked. Consuming the required vitamins and minerals through daily diet alone is extremely difficult and often unrealistic. Vitamins and supplements can be used to – SUPPLEMENT your diet by filling the gap in areas of your diet that may not provide the sufficient daily amounts of specific recommended ingredients. Supplements Direct offers a large selection of vitamins and nutrition to complete your diet, while offering free shipping anywhere in Canada.

Do Multivitamins work? 

Yes, multivitamins absolutely work and they can balance out your diet to ensure you get adequate daily amounts of essential vitamins and minerals however, multivitamins are not intended to replace nutrients from food, but to supplement as an addition.

Do I need to take a Greens supplement?

Most people do not consume anywhere near the recommended daily servings of vegetables and fruit. Health Canada recommends up to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables, 10 servings of vegetables and fruit would fill a small dining table so you could imagine that would be a near impractical task to consume daily for some people. Buying a greens drink mix will make reaching this goal more attainable.

What is the difference between Multivitamins and Vitamin Packs?

A multivitamin generally refers to a single capsule or tablet vitamin, where a vitamin pack is a daily pack that contains usually 4-6 vitamins and would offer higher ingredient amounts, and more ingredients such as Omegas, which a multivitamin would not contain.

Vitamin D

This is a very important and over looked vitamin especially in Canada where we have low exposure to natural sunlight.  Over 50 percent of the world is deficient in this ingredient. Vitamin D is responsible for bone and teeth health, immune system, brain health, and mood.

All these essential vitamins and nutrition products are available for purchase online from Supplements Direct with fast free shipping delivered to any province. We carry great products from brands like Progressive, NOW, Genuine Health, Vega, Prairie Naturals, Lorna Vanderhaeghe and more.

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