Need to supplement your diet by adding additional protein?  There are many options and Supplements Direct has you covered, order online with fast free shipping anywhere in Canada. Protein Powder (as in drinkable shake) is the most common form although it is also available in bars, snacks such as chips,  cookies, pancakes and more.

Protein is essential to build and repair muscle tissue, whether you are looking to maintain muscle, grow lean muscle, or bulk up, it is arguably the most important component.  Additional benefits include increasing strength, boosting metabolism, lowering blood pressure, providing a full appetite, and assisting in weight loss.

Here is a quick breakdown of a few of the options for which type is right for you:

Whey – The most common type of protein and fairly cost effective derived from milk tends to have a thicker consistency and the best taste.

Isolate –  Generally higher in price than whey but also higher protein content usually around 80%. Whey Isolate tends to be a bit easier to digest than whey and lower in carbs and fat.

Hydrolyzed– The most expensive however offers the quickest absorption and is a good choice for people who are sensitive towards lactose or have trouble with digestion and offers the highest protein content above 90%

Weight Gainer – Typically high in protein, carbohydrates, and calories. Designed for those who are looking to increase size or muscle mass.

Vegan–  Self explanatory! If you are vegan or just want to stay away from Diary based products there are many options such as Hemp, Rice, Pea, soy and more, Also a great option for those wanting better absorption and digestion than whey.

The best protein powders we offer according to our customers in Canada include: Vega, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, Bio-x, Dymatize Hydro 100, Mammoth Mass, Mutant Mass, Iron Vegan and more

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