Multi Vitamins

Multi vitamins are an essential part of health from everyone from professional athletes to grandparents, and children. We can all benefit from the assistance of a daily multivitamin. Supplements Direct carries a selection of the most popular and effective multivitamins and they are available to order now online with fast free shipping anywhere in Canada!

Why should I take a multivitamin?

Multi vitamins are important because lets face it, most people get nowhere near the daily amounts of vitamins and minerals doctors and experts recommend. We get vitamins and minerals from food but probably not nearly as much as we need. Even those who have a balanced diet and eat several times a day will have a hard time consuming all of the vitamins and minerals through food, that’e why we use multivitamins to “Supplement” our diet, not to replace food but to add additional nutrients for what we fall short on to allow for optimal health and well being.

What do multivitamins do?

Although taking multivitamins do not have a highly apparent noticeable effect, they are designed to ensure the body has the vitamins and nutrients to allow itself to maintain health. Essentially the vitamins effect all areas of health but specifically attribute to are energy, bone health, heart health, digestion, liver health, brain function, vision, and more.

Multi vitamins can come in capsule, tablet, chewable form or even candy style gummies.

Some of the most popular vitamin brands carried by Supplements Direct include Progressive, Genuine Health, NOW Vitamins. We also have vitamins for athletic lifestyle from Allmax Nutrition, Mutant, and Optimum Nutrition.




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