Weight Loss

Looking to start your weight loss journey? Loosing weight can often be a struggle and Supplements Direct’s goal is to make that journey easier, quicker and more enjoyable. We offer a wide variety of supplements and vitamins to assist with burning fat. We offer the top products on the market easily while offering fast free shipping anywhere in Canada, Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax you name it we deliver.

Weight loss solutions range from intense fat burner products to natural solutions such as Green Coffee Bean, CLA, to products that support diet  programs such as Keto / Ketogenic diets.

What is the difference between a Weight Loss product and a Fat Burner? 

Fat burners tend to be more powerful and aggressive and suited for someone who is comfortable with stimulants such as caffeine as these fat burners sometimes can cause jitters, speed heart rate, and cause sweating. Some fat burners often also include ingredients that suppress appetite.

Weight Loss products are often more natural without the over stimulation found in fat burners. Some examples of popular products contain ingredients such as carnitine, green coffee bean, green tea extract, raspberry ketones, perfect for those who are new to weight loss supplements, or for those looking to maintain a healthy weight.

How can supplements help with my Keto Diet?

Keto refers to a low-carb, high-fat diet, the supplements that we offer to assist with Keto diets either assist your body to be in the metabolic state of Ketosis or are Keto friendly.

Supplements Direct is the best place in Canada to buy, keto supplements, and fat burners. Shop now!


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