Athletic Alliance – Havok-137 (30 serv)

Athletic Alliance – Havok-137 (30 serv)

White and purple container with white cap of Athletic Alliance Havok-137 Pre-workout performance promise

Athletic Alliance – Havok-137 (30 serv)


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  • 17 clincally dosed ingredients.
  • No proprietary Blends / Fully disclosed BSCG certified formula
  • 6g Citrulline malate (2:1) Nitric oxide optimization, increased blood flow and opens blood vessels.
  • 500mg  Agmatine sulfate – Increased nitric oxide for long periods for a perpetual pump
  • 5400mg BCAAs (4:1:1)  to offset muscle fatigue and increased muscle performance. Higher leucine content creating lnsulin spike for superior intracellular transportation.
  • 1g of Creatine HCL for strength and ATP storage and development
  • 2g Beta-alanine for increased muscular endurance/strength and offset fatigue
  • 300mg Caffeine a powerful stimulant to increase alertness/focus and muscle strength/endurance
  • 200mg L-Theanine – Reduces stress, anxiety and negative effects of stimulants. Works synergistically with caffeine to promote cognition and attention
  • 1g L-Glycine – aids in most cognitive functions including memory
  • 250mg L-Tyrosine for increased production of noradrenaline and dopamine
  • 725mg Electrolytes for hydration, endurance, circulation and nutritional transport mechanism
  • 4g Waxy Maize for glycogen replenishment, muscle recovery and cell volumization
  • 125mg Alpha-GPC to improve mood, memory, focus and even imagination
  • 50mcg Huperzine A, a potent cognitive enhancer, for increased mental focus and mind & body connection
  • MCT Oil  (medium chain triglycerides) to increase metabolic rate and energy levels
  • 5mg BioPerine® to enhance absorption and increase bio-availability of all other nutrients in Havok – 137




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