InsaneLabz – Psychotic (35 Serv)

InsaneLabz – Psychotic (35 Serv)

Black container with red cap of Insane Labz Psychotic Infused Pre-Workout Powerhouse with Fruit Punch flavour

InsaneLabz – Psychotic (35 Serv)

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$76.99 $69.99



Psychotic Pre-Workout: Insane Energy, Focus, And Performance

Pre-workout supplements aren’t a luxury; they’re a requirement if you want to hit your peak levels of performance during each and every workout. When it comes to amping up your focus, performance, and results, the pre-workout, Psychotic is packed with the right combination of scientifically proven ingredients to ensure you go above and beyond.

What Is Psychotic?

Psychotic is a stimulant-based supplement that is used 20 to 30 minutes before your workout. It’s loaded with several high-octane ingredients that have been shown to provide a number of fitness benefits including increased energy, greater strength output, and amped-up endurance. This unique formula has been shown to last for as long as three hours, making it ideal for any workout. Psychotic is also considered a nootropic supplement as it promotes cognitive performance and function. With ingredients such as Huperzine A, you’ll notice an immediate boost in your reaction time and overall alertness.


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Sour Cherry Colada, Apple, Fruit Punch, Grape


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