FAQs for Adrenal Support

How to take care of adrenal glands?
The health of Adrenal glands have a lot to do with diet and stress. If your adrenal glands are not taken care of, you can improve their health by reducing stress, changing diet, and improving or increasing sleep.
How should I change my diet to improve the health of my adrenal glands?
  1. Nutrient Dense Proteins (Organic turkey, grass-fed organ meat such as liver)
  2. Anything containing high levels of magnesium
  3. Adrenal Support Supplements & magnesium supplements
Do thyroid adrenal care supplements work?
Adrenal care supplements work for those who need them, if you do not need them they can provide adverse effects and affect the natural efforts of the thyroid glands. It is best to discuss adrenal supplements with a doctor before taking them
What are some supplements that support adrenal care?
The top 3 adrenal care supplements in 2020 are
  1. Purica – Vitality
  2. Himalaya – Stress Care
  3. Lorna Vanderhaeghe – Magnesium Bisglycinate
What is adrenal fatigue?
Adrenal fatigue is when your body’s adrenal glands are not performing properly and resulting in being irregularly tired, poor sleep patterns and a reliance on energy from things like coffee and caffeine.
What are the signs of adrenal fatigue?
Signs of adrenal fatigue include, being tired, trouble sleeping, craving salt and sugar, weight loss, poor digestion and relying on stimulants such as caffeine and coffee for energy.
What does cortisol do?
Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress that increases glucose (sugar) into the bloodstream notifying your brain that your body is having some sort of problem.
Is it bad to have low cortisol levels?
Low cortisol levels can result in fatigue, weakness, and low blood pressure.
Where to buy adrenal support supplements?
Adrenal support supplements and vitamins can be purchased online from Supplements Direct, there is a category specifically for Adrenal Care. Here is the link: https://supplementsdirect.ca/product-category/health/adrenal-care/