Women Specific

Women specific products refers to common vitamins, supplements and minerals that women’s bodies need that differ from men to ensure optimal health.

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Do women’s bodies require different vitamins and minerals than men?

Women’s bodies are designed differently than men in several ways therefore require different supplementation to achieve optimal health for your body.

Generally men and women can take the same vitamins and supplements,  however supplements designed specifically for women will be similar but may contain more or less or the common ingredients that a woman’s body requires.

Many products we carry for women relate to health areas such as, iron, estrogen, calcium, magnesium, and multi-vitamins. These products are the most common areas women rely on supplementation.

May of these vitamins and  ingredients can be found in food but can are difficult to achieve the required amounts through the common diet, this is where supplements can be helpful.

The top brands for women specific health vitamins are Lorna Vanderhaeghe, Progressive, NOW vitamins, and more. We carry over 3000 products and 100+ brands

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