PharmaFreak Ripped Freak (60 capsules)


PharmaFreak Ripped Freak (60 capsules)

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  • • Helps Shed Excess Water
  • • Clinically-Researched Ingredients
  • • Supports Muscle Function


RIPPED FREAK® DIURETIC is an all-natural water-shedding and detox formula. It combines precise doses of two of the most well-known natural water-shedding compounds available anywhere: dandelion and juniper berry. RIPPED FREAK® DIURETIC also contains magnesium, which supports proper muscle function.

Helps Shed Excess Water

RIPPED FREAK® DIURETIC can support an increase in water loss through a unique mechanism of action!

Researched Ingredients

Delivers powerful 4:1 extracts of two of the most effective diuretic ingredients dandelion and juniper berry.

Supports Muscle Function

Provides a precise dose of magnesium to help prevent muscle cramping and ensure healthy muscle function!

Dandelion Extract

Dandelion extract provides these phytochemicals to support water loss: lactucopicrin (taraxacin), caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, isoquercetin, luteolin, triterpenoids and phytosterols.

Juniper Extract

Juniper extract provides the following phytochemicals to support water loss: terpineol, luteolin, kaempferol, quercetin, isoquercetin and rutin.


Magnesium is essential for healthy muscle contraction.





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