Drip Fit Waist Sweat Band


Drip Fit Waist Sweat Band

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  • Increase your sweat production
  • Get max sweat results in localized areas
  • Great for back support
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Drip Fit® custom sweat bands are designed to enhance your results from using Drip Fit® during a workout. Our Drip Fit® works beneath the skin in creating increased heat. Our belt works to trap that heat in to amplify your sweat production in the midsection.

Our sweat bands are made from the thinnest neoprene available to preserve heat, but not restrict movement, and are fully machine washable.

The increased blood flow to the target areas helps to amplify your results!



100% Neoprene
90 % Nylon
10% spandex


My Velcro is super tough, how can I protect my band from ripping?

When you first receive your waist belt, you may notice that the Velcro is stiff and hard to remove from the belt. This is normal!
To maintain the longevity of your belt, DO NOT rip the Velcro from the band. Instead, please peel it back slowly. This will help to ensure your belt lasts longer and will help to preserve the neoprene on the inside of the belt.
Will the Drip Fit waist band stain my clothes?
Our bands are colour fastened, however, to fully avoid stains resulting from sweat or in the wash, we recommend washing it prior to first use. You can do this by running it through the washing machine several times (until it no longer bleeds) and hanging it to dry.
What’s the quickest way to wash my band?
After you’ve washed your band to ensure there is no bleed, the best way to clean your band is to rinse it off in the shower or sink, then hang to dry.


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